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WBFS manager is an application which provides various features to work with hard disk drives WBFS file system with Graphical Interface. WBFS is Wii Backup File System used for the Wii Video game console released by Nintendo. Some of the features are like listing of games with titles, sizes and codes, drag-drop of multiple files to the drive, batch extraction and deletion, CSV export of games list etc. The application needs .Net Framework 3.5 SP1.
indeXus.Net Shared Cache is a cache system build for .Net cache and enterprise application running in server farms. It is high performance distributed and replication cache system. The distributed replicated cache minimizes the load factor on database. It consists the usage of two or more servers in a farm. It's replicated all data within the cluster. The big plus is simple, you have all your cache nodes on all different servers. In case one of your servers get restarted, it will receive all nodes automatically from its parent. indeXus.Net Shared Cache uses 100% managed code which is written .Net C#.
This tool is to search, filter, categorize, organize and view the installed font on your system.
This Wallpaper Manager will allow you to choose your favorite wallpapers. You can also have them change every day or at every boot up.
Does things like file shredding, erases IE history, cookies, temp internet files. Auto monitoring & cleaning when last IE instance is closed. Index.dat and recent file list cleaning.

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