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SynMessage is a front-end application for any email to sms gateway. After installation you can select from the large list of gateways. You can send text messages up-to 160 characters to mobile phones with phone-network having email to sms gateway. You can create favorites network list, SMTP server list, customizable contact list etc. Thus SynMessage allows you to send sms on cell phones from your PC.
This is a Webmail application which uses a POP3 or IMAP for storing mails and uses SMTP server for sending mails. Can be easily configured using web.config file. HTML message composing, inbox search, complex mime message reading, multiple address books are only some of the features.
This is a component written in C# which allow you to send email through .Net application (windows or web). Easy to use for HTML/text mails, file attachments etc. without needing the System.Web.Mail library.

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